Our Cuisine

We offer unique experiences

Where Oaxaca’s past, present and future meet

Restaurante Pitiona, Cocina de Autor is the place where yesterday, today and tomorrow of Oaxaca coexist perfectly through the different components of the restaurant, we offer unique experiences taking our diner through the different stages of our beautiful country, we have a distinguished service where the protagonist is our client who is made to feel like he is in his own home, we seek continuous improvement that leads us to generate surprises in each visit, our culinary creations are the result of research and testing we are faithful believers that the cooking is practical and science so we combine both to achieve mixtures of different flavors and textures, we are faithful promoters of our regional artisan products, and they will always be present in our basic table.

We make a strict selection of the raw material to guarantee absolute quality, our restaurant is different, everything has a reason, every corner has a history. Sophisticated, romantic, cheerful and timeless; In Pitiona each one of the unique spaces of the restaurant are subtly defined, emanating different sensations that are perfectly integrated with the gastronomic proposal of chef José Manuel Baños and the warm and professional style of his team.